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Cultivating the habit of reading in children

Cultivating the habit of reading in children

It is essential to cultivate reading in children. By reading, a child will develop better vocabulary, memory, and concentration, and empathy. But compared to various other fun activities like drawing, playing with toys, or dancing, reading might seem less inviting or boring. So how do we as parents cultivate the love for reading?

Introduce reading early

Start reading from young, even during infancy. Reading aloud to babies can teach them about communication and support good social and emotional development.

Bedtime stories

I cannot emphasize enough how children just love to hear bedtime stories before they sleep. Besides helping children to enjoy reading, it allows both parent and child to bond.

Select age-appropriate books

You wouldn’t expect a 3-year-old child to read a book busy with words, would you? For the resistant readers, try offering comic books to stir their interest.

Make a trip to the library

Instead of a trip to the mall, check out your nearest local library. With tons of books available, your child is bound to find something to his or her liking. Get a library card to track the number of books read. You could also offer a small reward once your child has read a certain number of books.

Set a reading corner at home

The space needed does not have to big but cozy enough for your children to enjoy their books. Some bean bags and a variety of books, and you’re good to go.

Make reading a family activity

As parents, if we want our children to love reading, we must first set a good example. If your child sees you reading books, newspapers, or magazines, that will spur the interest to read.

Discuss about the book

Ask your child to summarize what they have read and link it with real-life experiences to make the story more memorable.
At the end of the day, we want to convey to children that reading is fun and enjoyable!

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