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Well Child Visits – Caring for your kids

Well Child Visits – Caring for your kids

Well Child Visit – Why are they so important?

On most occasions, children are brought to see the doctor when they are sick. Your child is well, but you are wondering if they are growing according to the normal growth chart.
Have you ever wondered why well child visits are also important?

Suggestion of Well Child Visit schedule

✅First-week visit

It would be a good idea to bring your newborn baby between the 3rd to 5th day of life to see the doctor. Besides checking whether jaundice has set in, it would be good to check whether the baby’s feeding is adequate and address other concerns parents may have after being discharged from the hospital.

✅The first 18 months of life

This period is busy with plenty of doctor visits, primarily for immunization and growth and development monitoring. Try not to miss out on these visits, as it is crucial to address any developmental delay or behavioural issues early. Not only that, but parents can also take the opportunity to talk about feeding concerns, sleep, routine care, and safety.

✅Two years old

This is a vital stage to identify certain red flags related to a child’s development. If there are no pressing issues, a bi-annual visit would be good to follow up on growth, development, and immunization. Well child visit helps you to monitor closely your child’s development.
Well child visit general checkup

Well child visit general checkup

✅Three to 18 years old

Hurray! Parents can now have a breather. An annual check-up would suffice unless the child has an underlying medical illness that requires closer monitoring. Besides monitoring growth and milestones, the doctor will also monitor the child’s pubertal development, social behaviour, and learning.
PS: Children under the care of Klinik Kesihatan should follow the schedule as per the Ministry of Health recommendation. If you need any consultation, you can also visit us at our clinic at Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Our team consists of qualified and experienced child specialist, nurses and clinic assistants.
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